2016 Graduate Research Students Interaction, Retreat And Conference – 14-15 July 2016

FIT retreat


The retreat was organised by the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University. It was held in RACV Inverloch Retreat. The scenery and environment there was astonishing! It is a great way of rewind from our hectic daily city life.

Most of the postgraduate students attended the retreat. There are even Malaysian students who flew all the way from Malaysia to participate in this. The aim of the retreat was networking, and meet the other PhD students in the same batch. Since we are all in the same batch, it is very likely that all of us might work together in the future as a researcher. Hence, it is important to know each other and build our network. I would say, the goal of the retreat was achieved, as most of us get to know new friends during the retreat. The retreat was really fun and interesting! Hope to have more of this in the future.

Check out the retreat video below