SIAM SDM17 Presentation – Indexing and classifying gigabytes of time series under time warping

This is my first conference presentation. The conference took place in the Westin Galleria, Houston Texas on 27 to 29 April 2017. The paper that I am presenting is Indexing and classifying gigabytes of time series under time warping. It is a work on scaling up time series classification. Below is an image of me presenting at the conference (slides here). After the presentation, I received good comments for my work and presentation skills.  I also presented a poster at the conference.

This conference was a wonderful experience for my first conference.  It helps me gain confidence in presenting a paper with a large audience. Then I also expanded my network in the data mining community. I’ve met many researchers in the field of data mining. I received many good feedbacks on my work and we also discussed some future directions for my work in time series classification.  In future, I hope to present at a conference like this again.