Chang Wei Tan

PhD Student @ Monash University

I am a PhD student at the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University. My research focuses on Scalable Time Series Classification, where I develop faster algorithms to handle large time series datasets. I am also working on a project to improve railway track maintenance using time series analysis, in collaboration with the Institute of Railway Technology.  I am also an electrical engineer, where I majored in Wireless Sensor Network design. 


Professor Geoff Webb
Dr François Petitjean
Dr Paul Reichl

Research Interest

Machine Learning
Time Series Classification
Big Data Analytics
Data Mining
Railway Engineering
Wireless Sensor Network

Selected Publications

  1. C. Tan, G. Webb, F. Petitjean and P. Reichl, “Machine learning approaches for tamping effectiveness prediction”, in 11th International Heavy Haul Association Conference (IHHA), IHHA, 2017 
  2. C. Tan, M. Herrmann, G. Forestier, G. Webb, and F. Petitjean, “Efficient search of the best warping window for Dynamic Time Warping” in 2018 SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM18), SIAM, 2018. Best Research Paper Award